Lavít Commercial Counter Top

Single serve, still and sparkling water and cold beverages using easy to recycle capsules (EcoCaps)

Get chilled still and sparking water and cold still and sparkling beverages at the touch of a button. Tested for 60,000 cycles, the Lavit “Cooler Water Cooler” is designed to support high volume demand. All beverages are 10 calories or less with low or no sugar, all natural flavors, and no preservatives. Lavit EcoCaps are easy to recycle all aluminum beverage capsules.  When you are done crafting your beverage in the Lavit Cooler, simply drop the aluminum capsule in your office recycling bin.  Nothing could be easier or better for the environment. No more warehousing, trucking and delivery of heavy beverage offerings. Your customers will wonder why they didn’t get a Lavit Cooler sooner!

Features and Benefits
  • On demand, chilled filtered still and sparkling water to satisfy a customer's personal preference
  • Over 30 beverage options, including top brands like AriZona, Juice Press, and True Citrus.  Make any of them still or sparkling for the ultimate break room convenience
  • No cross contamination of beverages
  • Helps support a healthy lifestyle and healthy choices
  • Nightly self-sanitizing feature ensures high quality water and beverages 
  • Fun, variety and personalization - from a Water Cooler makes drinking water as interesting as drinking coffee - leading to improved hydration in the office, a key component of health and productivity