lavít™ Beverages

lavít EcoCaps offer better-for-you beverages that are sugar free or low in sugar, 10 calories or less, all natural flavors, and preservative free.  All in 100% recyclable aluminum EcoCaps that use 1/7th the amount of aluminum in standard 12 ounce soda cans and avoids the demands of transporting, storing, and refrigerating heavy plastic bottled beverages.  We offer a wide variety of flavors from AriZona Arnold Palmer® to Italian Blood Orange.  A flavor for every taste!

AquaCafé® Cups

The TOUCH XTechnology solves the flaws in typical K-Cup capsules. The revolutionary XBold and XPlus Cups hold a greater volume of coffee and create patented water flow dynamics that result in a more thorough extraction of flavor. The proprietary filter cannot be pierced by the bottom needle so it can be placed lower inside the capsule thereby allowing for up to 30% more ground coffee in the capsule.  The XPlus capsules are longer than standard K-Cup capsules and allow for brewing of coffee just as in the XBold capsules, but with the added benefit of adding milk products to create cappuccino, mochaccino,  and lattes as well as hot chocolates.

AquaCafe® Single Serve Coffee PODS

We offer a variety of high quality, 100% Arabica coffee blends, single origins, and flavors packaged in our environmentally friendly coffee filter pods.  A variety of teas including herbal and flavored are also available in a POD pack. An extensive list of roasts to start your day or to keep it going. From our traditional Breakfast Blend and Donut Shop coffees to our Espresso and Bold Rush blends. We have a full featured coffee or tea for every taste.