Horizons® 3G

Large capacity filtration cooler for high volume use

Unlike the competition who uses plastic tanks, Horizons®3G features large capacity stainless steel hot and cold tanks to ensure that the correct temperature water is always available. The smart design offers the flexibility that high volume use requires like larger dispensing area, the ability to handle large containers and fast flow dispensing at the touch of a button. It even offers an extra hot water setting using iBoil technology, ideal for noodles, soups and tea. Any size business, from small office to large corporation, will find the Horizons®3G the perfect solution for high volume use.

Features and Benefits

  • Dispenses cold, hot, and extra hot water for maximum versatility
  • Larger, elevated dispensing area accommodates a variety of containers
  • Programmable interface allows personalization of functions
  • LED and LCD brightness controls illuminate dispensing area and indicator lights
  • Safety lock prevents accidents
  • Fast flow electronic dispensing supports high volume use
  • Front access compartment makes installation of filtration or RO system easy

Available Models

Horizons Filtration with RO
​Hot & Cold

Horizons 3G with Dual Filter 
​Hot & Cold