Senior Technical Account Representative (STAR)


Aquabeve has several openings for its newly created Senior Technical Account Representative (STAR). As an Aquabeve STAR you will be fully responsible for delivering technical training and support to all Aquabeve dealers and operators in your assigned region. After receiving full training on all Aquabeve equipment, the STAR will be responsible for maintaining superior customer service by visiting key regional accounts, resolving any technical or commercial issues, handling all warranty claims, and providing technical training.


In addition to your primary technical role, you will also be trained to deliver sales training to your dealers and operators and will be responsible for resolving any commercial issues. You will be the designated Aquabeve contact person for any sales orders from your assigned base of dealers. You will work with our sales leadership to identify potential new accounts within your region and deliver Aquabeve presentations to potential new accounts either individually or as part of the Aquabeve team.


You will work closely with designated Aquabeve Manufacturing Representatives within your region to coordinate technical support activities for the MR account base. 


If you have been a technical support person and want to expand your responsibilities and career you should consider becoming an Aquabeve STAR. If you have been in sales and want to deliver real value to customers while expanding your capabilities then become an Aquabeve STAR.


As a STAR you will receive a competitive base salary and a monthly commission for all revenue generated within your region. 100% paid individual medical, vision, and dental; three weeks vacation; and other competitive benefits are provided by Aquabeve.


Available Regions: Northeast; Central Midwest; Southwest (Texas+); West (California+); Northwest